Alternative To CentovaCast


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Hi there,

I'm looking into setting up a station which streams 24/7 and wondered if you know a good alternative to centovacast?
I think Centovacast requires setting up a linux system which seems quite involved. Basically i want to be able to turn off my computer and have a server somewhere streaming the music.
Thanks for any help!


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Places like Internet Radio, and any other Centova Cast hosts, will sort out the virtual servers for you which can be configured with an auto DJ (damn, I hate that term) which plays music in accordance to the rules set, till a live stream connects.

There are alternatives to Centova Cast:
There are others, including folks like RadioKing, etc who have their own automation and streaming server control panels, however, if you want complete control you need to install your own Icecast server along with Liquidsoap which is the core auto DJ in most of these things I believe.

Yeah, you're right though, setting up your own server is quite involved!

It sounds like you just want to load a website with music, hit a button and have it do the rest?
Yeah that's the idea. I had centova cast a few years ago and I don't remember having to have linux and entering all the code etc.. seems it's changed a bit.
Thanks for your suggestions, I'll check them out!
Much appreciated


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I am actually building an alternative to all the above myself, right now it's more like an icecast.xml editor, it reads the values in a JSON map of the XML which lists every tag, and attributes etc, then reads the XML and propagates a form for each section, driven by the map, with the values from the XML, then applies a load of validation to the data given before feeding it to the back end up run the update.

What it does it take away the complication of editing the XML, it replaces stupid numbers like size values etc, say 128000 and makes them human readable, like 128 kb, or an hour instead of 3600 seconds - many options being driven by drop down lists so there's less chance of the user entering duff information.

The next aspect I'll be coding away at is music management; automation with Liquidsoap and dynamic playlisting.

If anyone is interested in it, when it's done, hit me up via a message here and I'll pop you on the beta tester waiting list.
Sounds great!