Annoying Spam!

Hello Admin,
This continual smashing of the site is nearly as frustrating for us as it is you.
Disable new memberships for a few days and maybe they will go and annoy someone else hopefully.
Banning IP's is useless with so many proxy's available.
I have hosted forums in the past and this bombardment is a real pain in the Butt.
Wish you luck in stopping these A holes!


Level 1 Support
Staff member
Hi Sonic,

Yes it has been a bit frustrating the last few days with all this Chinese spam and we are doing our best to keep on top of it. It will most likely stop anyway but we cannot really disable new memberships. We are looking at instead putting all new member registrations into moderation for a few days!

Thank you.
Yes that is one way but still allot of work for you.
Depends on your software options but maybe limit posts to one an hour. This will slow them up and make them work hard.
This forum has no need for multiple posts inside of minutes. Just another idea.