Any meditation, relaxing stations want some mutual advertising?


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Hey, everyone!

My names Matthew and I'm currently launching ASMR Radio ( A station that is focused on ASMR audio with meditation/relaxation tracks. (Google ASMR if you are unsure.) I'm launching an iOS app when the station goes live and there are spots within the app for other stations to be added. I have added screenshots below so you can see the layout. If anyone is interested in their station being added just reply on here or to
Your station twitter/facebook will be added to the player screen too. I would just ask the other station owner to mutually advertise ASMR Radio too, whether it be on their website, social media or radio stream.
The app will be free but with google ads with the option to remove ads for a fee. (ads do not interrupt the station) I also own if you are interested in seeing more ASMR multimedia.

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