Any Stations looking for a 2 hour 'Indie' Show?

Discussion in 'Volunteering' started by That Indie Thing, Jun 25, 2017.

  1. That Indie Thing

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    Hi, I do a show called That Indie Thing which has now been airing for 4 years this week. I'm hoping to widen my audience... and hopefully yours too, by syndicating my weekly pre-recorded show.

    The show mainly plays new and recent Indie, Indiepop, Psychedelia, |Shoegaze, Garage Rock, Garage Punk sometimes with the odd bit of Surf thrown in for good measure.

    Social media wise, my show has almost 1600 followers on Facebook and over 2,300 on Twitter.

    If you want to get an idea of what to expect you can listen to past shows on or search for That Indie Thing with Rob on iTunes or Player FM.

    As mentioned, the shows are two hours long, in MP3 format and will be supplied via We Transfer.

    DJ PROUD New Member

  3. That Indie Thing

    That Indie Thing New Member

    Hi DJ Proud, I sent you an email
  4. Deepoise

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    Hello, this is Hef Chulo of Side Hustle Radio. I do a live show every Saturday. My cohost, is a actual Dj and is affiliated with a fleet of dj's. It is a two hour show with great content. We interview unsigned artist across the globe. We like to consider ourselves an hub where the unsigned has a platform.

    We are looking expand our show. We would like to know if any stations have any available time slots. We do two hour shows each week. Pls email

    Thanks for the consideration.

  5. DJ RAY

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    hit me up at::

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