Apologies To Our Listeners

Over the last two or three weeks we have had some major disruptions, in our stream.

Up until this time we had random dropouts over a month or two, and although usually not much more than a quick hiccup, it was annoying [to say the least]. We understand this ruined the listening experience, and so we had to make a crunch time decision. In order to try and resolve the issue we had to first confirm the cause.

It seems that our 192k MP3 stream link and our Cloud server did not play well together, so to confirm stability one way or the other we removed the stream hosted by Internet-Radio.Com and with the exception of the expected IT type issue (nothing is perfect), all was solid.

The Internet-Radio.Com stream is back in place, though back at 128k MP3, with a couple of minor adjustments, and hopefully this will be stable, as we THINK the issue may have begun when we went to the HQ Shoutcast V2 stream, though it's not the sort of thing that can always be accurately pinpointed (not that it should have ever been an issue).

We apologise for the issues experienced, and the disruption to your listening experience, but sometimes it's necessary to just 'bite the bullet' and do what is needed for a long term solution. To this end we would like to thank the staff of Internet-Radio.Com for their information and input.

The stream is back, and so far all is good, so we have our fingers crossed. Thanks for your patience.
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