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Discussion in 'Volunteering' started by SlamminTunes, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. SlamminTunes

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    We are looking to add a couple new voices to our amazing team of DJs.

    A little bit about us, SlamminTunes has been around a couple years and plan to be here for many more. All of the current DJs have been part of the ST team for more than a year now.

    Rock, Pop and Classic Rock
    Times Available: Mid day and evenings
    Required Length: We accommodate a minimum of 60 minutes per week and can certainly accommodate longer shows/sets
    Age: Sorry but we require our DJs to be at least 18

    ST isnt your typical station so dont expect typical. Fully functional and feature rich dj portal that provides all of the tools needed to be successful and to connect to the listeners in real time. Management? Well its an absolute minimum and we focus on being a team instead. We hope to see you soon!

    please email:
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  2. SlamminTunes

    SlamminTunes Member

    Don't be shy give us a try!

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  3. Jiggs_Casey

    Jiggs_Casey New Member

    I'm definitely interested. Problem is, my schedule only allows me to do a two hour show every two weeks. Would this be a deal breaker?

    I am reliable and I do believe I put together a good show that would fit your format (for the most part).

    Have a look at my page and give my archive links a listen. If you like, just let me know!
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  4. SlamminTunes

    SlamminTunes Member

    I think we could certainly work with a bi weekly show. Please drop me an email or drop me a line as slammintunes on skype
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  5. Jiggs_Casey

    Jiggs_Casey New Member

    Excellent! I'm dropping you a line right now.
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  6. SlamminTunes

    SlamminTunes Member

  7. Brian

    Brian New Member

    Hello, my name is Brian. I am a host of a weekly syndicated show called On Air With Brian Becker. The show is available to air from Friday - Sunday. You chose when you want to air it. You can listen to the demo here, Now, I am only 13. I did read your 18 years or older thing but I feel that my show is produced good enough that age doesn't matter in this case. I am reliable and deliver the show every week by Thursday. You can sign up to receive the show here: If you have any questions, feel free to email me at Thanks, Brian.

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