Authhash I want to save the code so that the radio appears on shoucast help


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as I do to put the Authhash in my shoutcast I am trying but it is not saved and does not copy all the code help


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Hi rauldjslow,

We are aware that have recently changed the way in which this all works with their authhash settings and it seems that it now requires your server account to be running their very latest version of Shoutcast which we do not run at this time here on our servers. Our Shoutcast version gets updated along side Centovacast (the control panel software), so when the next Centovacast update comes out we imagine we'll see a newer Shoutcast version too. We could upgrade just Shoutcast itself to v2.6, but we run the risk of compatibility issues with Centovacast so it's best we leave it to the Centova guys.