Auto Dj stream problem

Hi, I have just setup a new account, during the setup process it gave me a option of choosing the server type!, I was gonna choose Shoutcast but choose Icecast. After I setup Auto dj my steam will only play the station ID and a few seconds of speeded up music, then the speeded up music stops. It sounds like a bit rate issue but all my files are 320, can you help.
Station Name : Soul Rhythms


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Hi Soul Rhythms Radio,

Yes, this is a bitrate issue. Your intro file is encoded at 48kbps Mp3, in mono and with a samplerate of 24000 hz. This should be 320kbps Mp3, in stereo and with a samplerate of 44100 hz as per your AutoDJ settings.

So you will need to remove that file, re-encode it as above and then upload it again.
I thought so, funny thing the intro file plays fine, but when the music stream kicks in (320), the music speeds up!!, is that all due to the intro file?
Anyway I'll locate the correct file and replace.


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Yes, that is due to the inconsistencies in the files bitrates etc when the files changeover. All of your files should be encoded as per your AutoDJ's configuration settings including your intro file.
just on last problem the player on the site does now work no more, it works from the quick link url address in vlc but when i put the details in the player it does nothin.

here is the player code I used !

<audio controls="true" preload="none">
<source src="">Your browser does not support the audio element.

It worked with my previous server, can you help?