Auto Dj will not turn on and moutpoints

Hi there,my radio as been on 24/7 and iv had no trouble with auto dj or the moutpoints however tonight i turned the sever off due to me uploading new music and sorting my website out just to save bandwidth ect.. anyway i go to connect the auto dj and a msg saying to restart i go though the process its says it connected but its not? iv restated and iv turned the server off and back on again but its still the same?

2.) when i connect my stream with winamp im not getting my radio name and song info as i was before also im not sure what may be going on with this but any help would be great guys,iv never had not problems before.. thank you


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Hi DJ Sparks,

Your AutoDJ stream looks to be up and running fine at the moment, so we can only presume that you figured out the issue or it has corrected itself:

That sounds like you have not configured the 'Directory' tabs settings yet to set up your stream title etc. You will find the following guide helpful with this:

If the track title info is not showing then that will be to do with the files that you are playing. You will need to make sure the files are titled correctly and have their meta-data set up etc.
i have done this,and yes it seem's up and running but on the server interface its self it says that its OFF wen in fact its on? it confusing me to why this is happening.. and also the only time that the streaming info in winamp and other media player will show is if i go live for 5 seconds using BUTT and turning it off,ony then the info will show iv found. i know it's strange but this is what is happening.

basically its ON but OFF lol

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Hi DJ Sparks,

We have corrected this for you. There was another instance of the AutoDJ running in the background which we have now manually killed for you.

Okay, so do you mean this is just when you are listening to your station in Winamp? Not actually live streaming with the Shoutcast DSP plugin for Winamp. This seems fine for us! Nice tunes btw ;)