Average Monthly Cost

Was wondering what the monthly average cost is? We have a station who has anywhere from 35 to 100 listeners at anytime. Monthly bandwith is 29474.74 MB. Also was wondering the difference between hosting Icecast on our own in house server, or a web server our selves or a web server like you guys?


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Hi Matt,

Thanks for your interest in our services.

Going by your current monthly bandwidth usage of 29474.74 MB (28.78 GB) perhaps our "pay as you go" plan might be best suited for you. With this you essentially buy bandwidth only as and when you need it. The price for bandwidth on this plan is $5 for 10 GB / $10 for 22 GB / $20 for 50 GB. So to cover the 28.78 GB that you currently seem to use you could purchase 10 GB ($5) and 22 GB ($10) for a total of 32 GB at $15 each month. If this bandwidth did not get used in full, then it will roll over each month to use. So you may not even need to purchase as much the following month.

Please have a read of the following regarding how our "pay as you go" plan works: http://www.internet-radio.com/community/threads/understanding-the-pay-as-you-go-prices.90/

Of course you could just host this on your own server if you know what you are doing, but not everyone knows how to do this or they just do not want the hassle of maintaining their own server. A big advantage of hosting with us is that we also run one of the top internet radio directories. All stations listed in our internet radio directory receive over 4,000,000 tune-ins every month. All radio stations hosted on one of our own servers take extra priority in the directory. So this means more listeners tuning into your radio station compared to with other hosts (or running your own server).

We hope this helps? Please do let us know if you have any further questions. :)