Beat the sh*t out of request!


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We started as a hobby project, but now it seems to be taking a different direction. We need help testing our new search function before we update to version 2 of our website, and all the technology is being replaced. We know that there's often no result from writing here, and it may be because I/we are perceived as arrogant Swedish idiots. Nothing could be further from the truth, but it's up to the receiver to decide. We'll give it one more try; hope is the last thing to abandon humans.

Please, if someone from here, against all odds, would test it out, spare us comments about duplicates in the playlist, differences in sound between songs, or that our jingles suck, etc. We're currently working on FUNCTION as priority number one, and of course, it will be optimized when it's time to go all in.

Feel free to make requests on, but don't complain if your song isn't there - right now, there are 12,000 songs in the list, but on March 15th, there will be 500,000+ in the database, and not a single duplicate.