Become a Sonic DJ


Member still has some DJ/presenter positions available.
We have many DJ's on the site so your not going to an empty station at Sonic.
If you would like to be part of the team you don't have to jump through hoops or fill out forms.
Just drop me an email or via this forum.
Sorry no prerecorded shows we get down,live and interactive.
Licensed also.
Hope to hear from some of you great DJ's out there. Just start your encoder and your live its that simple.
Time slots or if your in the mood and no one is on air, go live.
Full training if you think you would love to be a DJ but not sure how to go about it.
Regards Sonic
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DJ Rex

New Member
Hi, would love to join, was an online DJ for a while and loved it. I am into 60/70/80s and country music

James 'DJ Acid'

New Member
Good evening Sonic,

Are there any remaining positions open? If so, I'm a DJ' located in the US/Chicago and have been dj'ing since 12 with over 35 years of experience.

Depending on the time difference, I would be interested in doing a show (I would not be available Friday nights & Saturday afternoons). If interested, I would welcome discussing in detail. Attached is one of my mixes;

I welcome you to view my other mixes as well. I look forward to your reply. Have a good evening!



Come join in the new outrageous fun with prize give away's.
Radio Bingo, Attendance monthly Amazon/Walmart Vouchers and the Sex Trivia Nights.
Prizes start from $10 to $60.
Join a huge team of DJ's and listeners.
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New Chat screen colors. Mix and match your favourite chat screen and back ground colors.


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Join us as DJ or bring your room and your station to our chat club.
Free radio bot in your chat room!
Interaction is the key and we do it better.
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