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I recently posted a streaming query regarding an Italian smooth jazz station The Coast FM. I noticed on this site yesterday that the bit rate this station streams at has increased from 160kbps to 192kbps which of course is to be welcomed.
My Cambridge streamer is now playing the station at 192. However when I check the station on my imac desktop music app it is still showing 160. So I tried downloading the PLS file again from your portal and it is still only playing at 160 on my iMac?


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I just clicked on the PLS and I'm seeing 192 via VLC:

Screenshot 2024-04-24 at 16.55.53.png

Are you sure its 160 kbps your end?
Yes. I fired up my MacBook laptop and sure enough in the music app the stream is showing 160 the same as my desktop iMac. Pic attached. Tried downloading the pls file again and still showing 160. Just for the record I restarted my router but no change. The date added shows May 2022 even though this has just been downloaded from your portal?


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Weird. I contacted Apple support and the technician said it was an issue with your site! I'm just wondering whether the stream I am receiving is in fact 192 but somewhere the labelling has got mixed up. Just for reference I tried downloading other streams from your portal and they all match with my Apple music player.