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Hi All, I've been doing my own shows now for over 5 years and have 3 shows on offer if needed for your station, they are Blast From The 80s, Blast From The 90s & Blast From The 00s.
All 3 shows are 58 mins maximum and can be split into 2 parts as well, I send out every Friday via Dropbox or We Transfer, and files can be named the same for automation if you so wish on Dropbox. Also have playlists available and a back catalogue of all 3 shows (although 00s only has 18 episodes to date)
I play tracks from these decades, plus the listeners first songs bought in 80s or 90s, and i have quizzes on the shows and we look back at events, films, TV, Adverts etc on each show too..
Also from time to time get to chat to artists that had songs out in these decades and when they do appear i play one of their latest tracks too...In the past I've spoken to Nick Heyward, Limahl, Charlene, Carol Decker, Right Said Fred, Paul Carrack, Owen Paul, The Real Thing, D:Ream, Paul Roland, Johnny Hates Jazz, Cheryl Baker, Marty Wilde, Daniel James, and Joyce Sims (last interview before she passed away) many more too

If interested, get in touch via or visit, also follow Blast Radio Shows on socials as well.

Examples of all 3 shows below,