cant get stations on my wifi radio


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Hello new guy here so please be gentle.
i have very little to no computer skills so please bare with me.
i have recently purchased a sangeean wi-fi radio for the purpose of listening to some of my favourite radio stations abroad.
after i set up the readio i could not find the stations in the radio's listings.

the radio stations im after do have a website and an online options to listen to them on a computer.
i found out that my wifi radio uses reciva as its server or something....

so i contacted reciva to find out if they can add the stations to the play list.
they said it cannot be done since the stations broadcast in a flash player format and they do not support it.
my questions are:
is there a way i can add server stations to the radio other than the one it came with (reciva)?

would there be a way to add the stations that im after without using the reciva portal or server, if so, how?

Thank you

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I think you can add stations provided you know the stream link, but these devices lock the user into the Reciva portal and a fair few stations do not publish the exact stream link for a variety of reasons; normally due to copyright/licensing issues.

Some don't want to let on its a 64k mono stream for a "music" station (which sounds rubbish); unfortunately those in charge assume that anyone under 40 doesn't have enough money to make it worth putting out good quality, those over 60 are going deaf anyway or are only interested in the "reach" of their usual transmitters and/or devices that can deliver ads (there isn't much screen space on an Internet radio).

Other stations publish the stream links but "hide" them behind the icons for the media players, which can be hard to see. If you can hover over an icon and it points to a link ending in .m3u or .pls that should be usable with the Reciva portal.

Many Android based mobile devices and tablets also can't deal with Flash players either and don't have enough memory for an app for every group of stations...

If you google the stations name you might find that someone has unpicked the stream URL from the flash player (though the broadcaster might notice this and change it). Often the flash player is used to gather info about the users for advertisers, and these are used to offset the cost of running the stream. Also depending on where "abroad" is; there might still be the chance the lot is blocked anyway because the host broadcaster doesn't have a copyright license for that country (which now happens far more often than politically motivated censorship!)

for stations popular with younger audiences unofficial relays aren't uncommon; Last year some clever people in a more authoritarian country were relaying Party Vibe in such a way that it would be easy for the locals to listen to it without arousing suspicion.

There are also online streams of pirate broadcasters from some countries used to extend the range of a lower powered transmitter. TBH if a radio station doesn't make it easy for online listeners in other countries, it probably isn't interested in gaining these listeners in the first place or actively wants to discourage them to avoid extra licensing costs.


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so how do i add the link to my radio???
i found the steam link, i think. but my quistion is how do i get the info onto my internet radio device?
i own the sangean RCR-8WF model. how can i add a URL to the radio??? was looking for a USB but it does not have one.
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We have no experience with the RCR-8WF we are afraid. So we can only suggest contacting the manufacturers for assistance with this.