Capable presenter looking for a station - can broadcast regularly


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Hi! I'm Katie, or KTC. I'm an accomplished British presenter that's looking for a reasonably popular station to return to online radio with, after a few years away. I'm available regularly, have a good setup, and can provide an interesting variety of music and entertaining broadcasts. I'm sure I won't be a fit for every station, so I've put a lot of info into this ad: If you're interested, please either drop me an email at or message me on Discord on Katie#4060. Thanks! :)

  • Early 20s, female, based in the UK
  • Experienced, professional setup
  • Looking to choose her own music and format her own show
  • Would like to mix genres and styles, mainstream and alternative mainly, 1970s to present day, with new and well-known artists
  • Good speaker, and entertaining - would like to be able to showcase my personality on air
  • Can broadcast regularly, with 1-2 weekly slots, and would like to do spot shows most days when the schedule is free
  • Have other skills I can bring to the table, like music contacts, as I develop my relationship with you
  • Looking for a station with an actual audience and some sort of interactive element, such as a Discord server or live feed
About Me

I live in England, I'm in my early 20s, and I'm female. I started doing online radio in my early teens, so I have a lot of past experience. I also hosted a show on FM radio for a couple of years as well. I'm returning after a few years away from radio, and I'm excited to get back into it frequently again!

I have a good software setup with professional DJ software, a good microphone, and a mixing desk (which I will phase in gradually, I expect).

Format and Music

First up, I'm looking for a station that will let me pick my own music and format my own show, so if you're looking for someone to play a set playlist or stick to what's currently in the charts, that wouldn't work for me!

I plan to create a show that mixes genres, but mostly sticks to alternative and pop. Despite being born in the late 1990s, my music knowledge is broad, and I plan to mix and match music from the 1970s onwards, throwing in lesser-known new artists with some of the less terrible new hits! I have a large music library, all well tagged and catalogued, so I'm well placed to take requests. Genres I personally like include alternative/indie rock, post-punk, synthpop, shoegaze, dream pop, power pop, ska, pop-punk, art pop and more!

Strangely, I don't actually like my own voice: I do speak well, but I'm a little bit androgynous sounding, which I sometimes worry about. But, I have a professional tone and with practice I'll be really good at the presenting side again, and even without practice I'll be competent.

Back in the day, as well as music and chat, I also did things like creating my own fun jingles and little skits, ran interactive features, and took callers via Skype. I don't plan to do stuff like take callers on day one, and I might never been keen to do that again, but it's something that I have experience with. To begin with, I'd like to keep things simple, while I get into a groove again.


I'm available a lot. I can definitely commit to a weekly slot, maybe two. Obviously sometimes people have to miss a slot, but if we arrange the regular slots to be between Monday and Wednesday, for example, that should be rare. That said, I can and would like to broadcast more often than that. If you're a station that allows presenters to book on the day, or just go on-air when it's the AutoDJ, or needs someone to fill in for others too sometimes, I'm the perfect person for that. There might even be weeks I'm willing to broadcast every day! The times of day I can do vary with my sleeping pattern, but for a regular slot I'd suggest later, while my spot slots could be in mornings, afternoons, or even the early hours.

What I'm Looking For

I'm looking for a station with a good community and an actual listener base. I'm big on stations with active chat rooms, so one with a Discord server that's active would be perfect for me. A live feed or IRC channel might work for that too. I thrive on interaction, and want to be able to build something people involve themselves with. If you have listeners active all day, that's even better!

I'd like to be able to do my own thing on-air. I'm funny and a little weird, and while I can tone that down as needed, I don't know how well I'd fit in with a purely "that song was, this song is" type station. As I grow in confidence again I'll become entertaining and witty, and a station that really wants that would be good for me.

I'd prefer a station that lets you book empty slots on the day or broadcast when AutoDJ is on, as well as in your regular time slot, where people will listen to those surprise shows.

I'm in the UK, but happy to join an American station, although obviously my shows would end up being in the afternoon or even late morning for you usually, so it'd depend on whether you have an audience at those times.

My internet connection is good, but it's not fibre broadband. I'll have no issues up to 192kbps MP3, but if you broadcast at 320kbps, we might need to do a test to see if there's any issues.

Contact Me

Contact me on or via Discord at Katie#4060. If you reply here I will probably see it eventually, but I'd prefer those methods :)I'm happy to do a trial show or send a clip of my voice or maybe a little demo broadcast, or whatever you need, and keen to start soon. Hope to hear from you!
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Hello! Im Will, one of the Radio managers at UpBeat. Thank you for applying, i'll get to you shortly!


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Thanks, I'm on both of your Discord servers, have spoken to one of you and haven't heard anything from the other!

Still interested in hearing from more stations. It's likely I'll be able to broadcast for multiple stations, although in time I'm keen to commit more to those with the audience and listener involvement I'm looking for.

I've just ordered a new Soundcraft desk (my old one seems to have broken) so I should be in a position to do trials and test broadcasts from tomorrow.


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Hi Katie,

Why not try us out:

We boast numbers 800 concurrent listeners in the evening and over 1000 concurrent on weekends which makes us the biggest gaming radio. We are not a new station, in fact we have been around for 5 years! It would be great to have you aboard and playing our listeners requests!

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Jordan Adler

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Hi Katie , this is Jordan from J-Man Radio in Mesa,Arizona , we would be interested in you joining us for a slot - we are popular all around the world over 2,000 listeners per month - email us if interested and check out the website


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Hi Katie.
I'm the manager of TMCR in Thorne near Doncaster. I would love to have you as a presenter on the station. We cover all of North East Doncaster and have a range of about 15 Miles. We also broadcast online around the world and have listeners in Thailand, USA, Australia and South Africa. If you are interested you can call the station or email I hope to hear from you soon.

Many thanks.