Cataloguing Software Support Required.

Hello, hoping you can help?

For a while I have been using Audacity and Media Monkey to catalogue music.

However, as fine as Audacity has, it does have the annoying feature of deleting artwork after processing your files.

After researching, I find Audio Trimmer did the job satisfactorily (for reducing silence at the beginning and end of songs), although Media Monkey is a bit fiddly, and started looking around for a replacement.

More research led me to Easy CD Converter, and have been playing around with this, but seems to be a shadow of Media Monkey.

Annoyingly, Easy CD Converter rarely seems to find the correct album, requires a lot of user data entry, and even when finding the album, the album tracks are listed in the incorrect order - or am I doing something wrong?!

There is also a Media Monkey 'trap' to fall into, that while all the listener sees is artist, title, and artwork, there are also 'Genre', 'Year', and 'Comment' fields available for completion - the Record Librarian in me coming out, I suppose?!

Your suggestions, or advice, would be gratefully received.

Thank you.