Chat room


Hello all radio owners.
I have been a radio and chat host for near 20 years and am volunteering my service to all owners.
I see all types of chat on sites but the interaction is minimal.
Discord and other php chats just do the basics and that's it.
How would you like a chat room that Dj's can start there shows in the chat room and get requests via automatic private messages.
Emails an site requests take time, my chat does it live in the chatroom.
Lets face it chat is basically dead but interaction with DJ's in the chat room is very much alive.
You have full control to ban and kick as a chat owner.
Easy to embed/Iframe on your site to look like your own chat.
I will add your own player to the page and songs will be displayed in the chat.
I have a flash chat version and a mobile version which can be used on all browsers.
Many more options can be added, let me know if interested.