CRATE STATION 64 - The diggers choice! New Underground station


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Im just letting the good people of this forum know that we have a new online radio show catering for the discerning crate digger.

We have selections from a wide choice of genres including Underground + Independent golden era hip hop, Dusty funk and soul gems , breaks and classic sampled gems, Reggae rockers and dusty dubs long lost to the dusty crates of time.

Coming straight out of Bristol UK, a major musical hotspot of different styles comes Crate Station 64 a online radio broadcast of tunes that show some of the influences and vibes that feed this creative city.

ALL killer NO filler ! Soon to feature the latest and greatest of upcoming Uk Hip hop talent and Beat makers with exclusive interviews and sessions in the near future. Stay on lock and get your fix of underground goodness!

Direct stream -

Stream playlist for itunes , winamp etc -