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Discussion in 'Volunteering' started by James McMahon, Aug 28, 2017.

  1. James McMahon

    James McMahon New Member

    Looking for a station to present an 80s - 90s show .All equipment in place and using VDJ
  2. Stevy6

    Stevy6 Active Member

    Do you do live? If so check us out here we are interactive so you would need to speak with the audience, intro songs and generally do requests shoutouts etc,

    get in touch.
  3. Diversity

    Diversity New Member

    we are seeking non experienced and experienced radio DJs / presenters to join this great fresh station where we're playing a variety of music from the swinging 60s to present.

    Have a look at the website and station. ,


    If you can spare a couple of hours a week then we'd like to hear from you.

    If interested please send an email to
    or Via facebook or the website

    Look forward to working with you.


    Promotions Manager
  4. DJRambo

    DJRambo New Member

    Email us at Would love to have you on board Or contact me at skype: dj.rambouif or even message me here at the forums

    also the website at give us a little look!
  5. yusuf gaf

    yusuf gaf Member

  6. PaulPoacher

    PaulPoacher New Member

  7. PaulPoacher

    PaulPoacher New Member

  8. Bigmac3388

    Bigmac3388 Member

    I know I'm kinda late to this one but you can check out Heat FM at Let me know if you are interested

  9. Matt Skills

    Matt Skills New Member

    Hi James - feel free to register with RealCast Radio at - once you register you can book slots and start streaming straight away!
    there's no application process and our mobile friendly website makes it easy for people to tune in to your show from any device.

    if you have any questions, feel free to email me at or get me on skype with the same email address.

  10. Nerf Radio

    Nerf Radio New Member

    Hi James,

    If you have an interest in League of Legends & want an internet radio station that completely different then Nerf Radio would be great for you. If you interested then fire an email across and i will get back in touch. Our website is mobile friendly so it works on all tablets, mobiles, PC and laptops.

    Kind Regards

  11. strawbs1989

    strawbs1989 New Member

    were looking for djs as well please leave us a comment
  12. DJ RAY

    DJ RAY Member

    hit me up when you can at
  13. ekiller1977

    ekiller1977 New Member

  14. ekiller1977

    ekiller1977 New Member

  15. DJ RAY

    DJ RAY Member

    send me a email::

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