DJ`s wanted

We have a pretty new station, but we have been in the business for years. I have been DJing for about 6 years and my fellow owners have been around for even longer...We started in Feb of 2018 and have only had great success...Not enough yet and I am hoping that bringing a few new Dj`s on board will help us grow..At the moment we have 7 DJ`s. We are a full variety (with a concentration on classical rock and rock in general) station and we do this purely for love of music. We are a very comfortable group of peeps to work with and even though music is our first love, we do believe in the fact that life comes first..So if there ever are times where you cannot air..That is cool...We are a no pressure station. If you are interested in joining our great team of people(or as I like to say, my Radio Family), please pop on over to and fill out our DJ app...We will get back to you ASAP. In the meantime Rock on all you wonderful peeps...Letitia aka DJ Dolla.