Jude Connors

New Member
XRadio is expanding and is looking for DJs. Due to the increased and spectacular growth in the numbers of listeners, affiliates and partners, XRadio is looking to expand our current staff of radio DJ volunteers.

It is an awesome opportunity to fine-tune your skill and broadcast not your own internet radio show online.

  • DJs MUST use our stream because it broadcasts to the grids AND radio station!
  • Music must be “clean” (no ads, video stuff, etc) and properly labeled.
  • There is a strict “NO DRAMA” rule. Follow this and everything will be OK.

For more information on the rules of broadcasting with XRadio, read the XRadio Volunteer Broadcaster Handbook.
All individual DJ sets are controlled by the DJ… we do not have a station-wide playlist of acceptable music. You want to jump into a swamp blues jazz set? Go right ahead! As long as you are original, entertaining and you voice over the stream, you are free to do whatever you want! All we ask is that country music is NOT your primary genre.

To get the ball rolling, fill out the Volunteer application at