DJ's wanted at MidHits Radio


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Hi Guys,

My names Mark and I am the founder of MidHits Radio. MidHits Radio was started less than two weeks ago after several months of hard work raising the funds for our licenses. YES, we are legit!

During the last two weeks, and some quite intense advertising we are receiving around 400 unique listeners every day and a further 200 repeat listeners - increasing daily.

We are a UK radio station but we have advertised to all countries. Our top 5 countries so far are:

US, UK, Mexico, and a few EU states.

We are currently looking for DJ's to hold a permanent spot on our station. We will be bringing more genre streams to our station shortly but for now we are using one stream to host all genres which is working great with our audience.

The DJ must be able to host a show and not just play music. Our aim is to get listeners involved with our community website, with the radio station and with the DJ of the show. Our priority is to ensure our listeners enjoy what they hear and enjoy listening to our DJ's voices, and personalities.

We will accept all genre's. The show will be unpaid until we can begin to financially gain - which at the rate of the station - isn't going to be too long.

If you believe you have the oomph, the drive and the personality to become a DJ at MidHits Radio - and be able to become an icon of our station then we want to hear from you

It is much more than what music you play, it's your dedication to our listeners, your love for the music you play, and most of all - you must enjoy it.

Email me at:

Thank you