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Hey ! Were on the lookout for DJ's..

Want to have a show on our amazing station?
Want to play to a Global Audience ?
If you have an electronic music/dance/edm show and can commit to providing a minimum of a new 1 hour show every month, get in touch NOW
You can connect up and stream a new show every week if you want, but we ask for a minimum of 1 a month.
You don’t need to be the best at mixing as we prefer those who have a “presence” on the radio. Quality tunes is what matters.
Get in touch, right now…

come say hi in our chatroom :
Get in contact with us over at :

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Weekly slots are still available, its as simple as 1.. 2.. 3.. if you are interested fill in the contact us form or send an email to in addition we are pleased to announce we are now streaming on Amazon's Alexa. For those who have an Alexa.. The magic words to get those tunes pumping to your ears is "Alexa, Play Mix 3 6 5 Radio"
For more info or just to pop over and say hi, please head over to We would love to see you there.
Thank you !