Does your radio need a trance dj

Dj shaun

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Hi all

I'm looking for radio slots who host trance music. Pre recorded if you know any hit me up in replys



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Hi Shaun,

We are currently seeking for DJ's and do welcome trance. We have just started our station, if you would like to feature with your live show let us know!

We will be using our platform for DJ's to help promote themselves, get more followers etc.

Please let us know if interested.


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What is HighlowRadio?

Well HighLowRadio is a Radio Station that's Open 24/7 Online Radio Station That you can Listen to Anywhere.

Tell me about HighLowRadio..

Well HighLowRadio Is Already 1 Step ahead of other online Radio Stations With are Radio station app (android ATM and More Coming soon).
We dont aim for Gaming we Aim for everyday like E.G: Sitting in you're Car, Going on a Run and Much More Really.

Are you Fully Licensed Radio Station?

Yes we are we are a Fully Licensed Radio Station With PPL/PRS.

How Many hours is required in HighLowRadio?

Well we ask for 2 hours a week but we work with you because we understand you have school,Work and more!

Can i be in a different Radio station and be a Radio Presenter in HighLowRadio?

well you can be in many as you want unless the radio station you're in has a rule.

You're Require to be 13+ to join HighLowRadio as a DJ


Apply to be a dj:
Android HLR App: