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Hi, I did my radio show on Sunday from Midday to 3pm & I had regular disconnects. I downloaded PingPlotter software to pinpoint the problem and I found IP routing was generally reliable right up to your IP with the dropouts occuring at the final hops - your IP addresses. I have just used the route tracing software again and had a similar result. I will try a test broadcast later and see if the problems reported by the route tracing software coincide with stream dropouts.



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I''ve run a half-hour test routing to and I'm getting a large number of packet errors at this ip address - over 40 in 20 minutes, with a couple of disconnections and lots of audio glitches. I've attached a file with the results of the test. I'd be grateful if you could look into it.

Thanks, Paul.


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Hi Paul. Thanks for your analysis this is exactly the sort of information we require to diagnose any latency issues on the network. We are in contact with the network providers to get this issue resolved. In the meantime we have credited you with some extra bandwidth.