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Hi all,
I am a Drum & Bass DJ, I have been mixing for over a year now, and I am very interested in joining a radio station. I am very open to what genres people would want me to do, as I can do various genres, which I have done previously.
If anyone is interested, they can message me or reply on here, as I can then send them my soundcloud Link.
Many Thanks


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Hello Aidan,
Here at Veilradio we would love for you to come join us! We are still under development but should be released in less than 2-3 weeks!

o You must be able to present a minimum of 2 hours per week!
o You must be willing to speak infront of an audience!
o You must have at least 50 songs!
o You must have a Discord account!
o You must have a clear and working microphone!
o You must not be working at any other active online radio!

Contact US
Twitter: VeilRadio
Discord: DJ Bond#0154 & Pascal#2238
Discord Server: