Duplicate Station Airing Simultaneously “MiClassics”(with slight delay)

Please see image posted with this thread. Clearly a duplicate station spinning simultaneously (listed at top and bottom) and will hazard to guess is burning through bandwidth as well. Simply provide a brief update/response here for us as well as others who may encounter same issue.


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Hi Chill & Hip Hop,

That is actually your own stream. If you hover over the media player links on those two listings you will see that one of the listings is using the hotsname and port (http://de1.internet-radio.com:8265/) and the other your servers IP and port instead ( You can match the IP up against your control panel settings if you wish to check this for yourself.

As this is a duplicate listing then it won't actually be using double the bandwidth, listeners can just tune in via either of them. The streams are identical with no delay but the track title information itself is delayed.

However, the question is why is this happening? This is not something that we have come across before. We will need to take a look for you and see what is going on here as this should not happen. I have a feeling that it may be related to your stream title as you use special characters such as the "TM" and "(R)" symbols. Using special characters can sometimes cause some issues due to the control panels character encoding settings. As you can see with the second listing the trademark symbol is not displaying correctly.

I'll get back to you soon once we have taken a look into this.


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I think I have fixed this for you. I removed any special characters from the stream title and fully restarted the server and that seemed to work, then I added them back again and gave it another restart and the duplicate is still no longer being displayed.

Hopefully this will be okay now but please do let us know should this second listing appear again. Cheers.