Editing Genres


Hello! How do I edit my Genres? I cannot see where to do that. My station is set on oldies for the moment - but my playlist varies from 60s up to near current. I've set this up as a 'Personal Favorites' station. When listening you'll hear songs from the same era progressing up through the years.

I cannot seem to edit the genres - thank you for a response!


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Hi Chris,

Unfortunately with Shoutcast v2 they now limit the amount of genres that you can select for your station with their new Authhash settings: http://www.internet-radio.com/commu...he-“authhash”-for-shoutcast-v2-servers.21409/

This is not something that we have implemented ourselves. So unfortunately this is completely out of our hands as these restrictions are forced by shoutcast.com and not by us. We presume the reason for this is to prevent stations spamming multiple genres in an attempt to improve their rankings which we do understand, but we do also think that limiting this is not ideal either.

So there is nothing that can be done about this other than just deleting your created authhash (which you currently have set as "Oldies") and keeping the server private and de-registered from shoutcast.com. That way you can keep the genres set in your control panel settings instead which you can set up under the 'AutoDJ' tab of your configuration settings.