EDM DJ / Producer, looking for a station.


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Hi Everyone , My name is Aaron, show name "Testro" and I Live in North Wales. Just a short breakdown for everyone, , I have been on here before, around 8 or 9 years ago, had a really good run with a internet radio station called "Liverpool's station" Had a fantastic time , unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances , the owner had to close shop, such a shame , as it was a really good run and we had a fantastic following !! Anyway, since, I have been concentrating on my full time career, which has now put me into management so allowed me a LOT more time on my hands, 4 years ago, i purchased, FL and Ableton, and started to produce my own Tracks, beginning of 2021 ( based on a LOT of friends and family recommendation ) i started to release my Music. You will find them in the usual place, apple, YouTube , Spotify etc.... Currently started track number 5 :)

Just from the off-set, I have not signed to ANY Label or management and therefore I'm a free spirit and hold 110% rights of what I do with current and future Tracks I will produce, I am looking for a station that can support me , push myself and music forward, with a good following ! What can I bring in return ? Guaranteed session every ( Friday or Saturday ) with the best tracks in on the market, including remixes, bootlegs and reworks, new names, what's hot and not, and guaranteed FIRST exclusive of my new releases I am looking at clubs and festivals for next year and therefore, you WILL be a part of this and a Lot more ! My shows are always LIVE and NOT pre-recorded, I travel quite a bit so most will be from VDJ however, when I'm home , it will be direct from the CDJs.

I also have the usual for Marketing purposes, website, Facebook, insta, tick tok etc, which is run by the Mrs ( no I'm not married lol ) in Southampton who is my backbone and worth her weight in gold, but is amazing with marketing ! My genre is mixed, from EDM to house, bass, melodic, tech, progressive etc, massive believer in a mixed bag to cater for all , and i believe this is key . Anyway, ill cut it short there, ( sorry for going on a bit ) If anyone is interested, please leave a message or get in touch , would love to hear from you, if not, i wish one and all the very best for the future. ( I've put a link below if anyone would like to have a listen of what I've produced to date ) Thanks everyone ! AJ :)


Simulator Vibes

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Check us out Simulator Vibes We could be the station for you. Alot of our music consists of EDM / Remix.
We are in the game FS19 which has the potential to reach a huge amount of listeners.
Join our discord and we can chat if you are interested.


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hi aja the name arron rings a bell to me i was part of said station in liverpool however it was called fresh radio liverpool if your the guy im thinking of you used to do dance shows and they were off the hook and yes i did close the station down however im back and running a station over in blackpool we are well established and are looking to fill slots email me @ buckjohn2020@gmail.com and if your the same guy lets talk however even if not ive had a listen to what you have and lets try set something up


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Hi Aaron, Nice melodies and beats. I listened to all three tracks listed. Good luck! I'm a newbie so can't offer your slots. Maybe in time we will get the opportunity to help each other.


we at ieradio are looking for djs to do live shows we love all types of music and have a good crowd that tune in so if you fancy giving us a go we have time slots open drop a mail to ieradio2018@gmail.com or you could always come see and fill a app out at https://ie-radio.com we look forward to hearing from you
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