Existing streaming station wanted for community radio group

Hi all,
whilst in a recess from my radio activity I was persuaded into acting as financial director for a start up community radio group.
One of the priorities as I see it is to get an on line streaming service up and running to provide an additional hook for the few thousand visitors to the main website each month.

Despite my suggestions that members of the group need to do this nothing much has happened so I thought I would see if it is that difficult.... :)

So the question is, is there anybody running an existing 24/7 stream that would like to go into partnership?

I am looking for a properly licensed operation that is seeking to expand.
The potential exists for regular contributors to provide pre recorded material which is more likely if there is an outlet for their perceived talents.
Once up and running there would be the potential to investigate advertising revenue and sponsors around any RSLs that might be planned.
At the moment the group is somewhat in limbo because I think a bit of hard graft is putting people off!!

If you are interested in helping me out I can be contacted at srdrockradioshow@yahoo.co.uk or ianfraser@yipple.com

I'd appreciate any thoughts/comments/suggestions.

Many thanks

Thanks to all who responded to this request - it certainly provided food for thought.

If I have not yet replied to your message it may well be that I have not received it yet as the yipple.com email client has had a few glitches recently.

Having considered the options the group are wondering if anyone could provide initial set up and management of a stream to run designated pre recorded input at specified times, with a view to handing over responsibility once things are up and running in the manner they seek?

This might be an opportunity for someone to practise management of programme/music scheduling around community content and also managing the potential to bring on some "live" presenters guiding those with less technical proficiency.

Licence costs would be shared and a proper partnership arrangement would be implemented with an initial 3 month trial.
Review from both sides would be able to provide the trustees with recommendations how to take things forward in a measured and sustainable manner.

If you would like to understand more about how I would like to see this progress please let me know.
e-mail ianfraser@yipple.com AND srdrockradioshow@yahoo.co.uk (one or other should reach me! :) )

many thanks