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Discussion in 'Shows' started by B Trammell, Feb 5, 2017.

  1. B Trammell

    B Trammell New Member

    We're currently working to form a local community based radio network (that will be based online with LP-AM transmitters around our community, very low cost).

    We would like to start broadcasting this March/June however the only thing that's holding us back is programming. We're pretty much open to any programming as long as it's FCC compliant and must also following standard radio format for programming, station top hour, etc.

    If interested please contact me here. Serious inquiries only.

    Requirements for consideration:

    - Must have an active website
    - Must have an understanding of what is and is not FCC compliant.
    - Show Clock (Weekly, if applicable)
    - Demo of Program
    - Must be willing to provide or record imaging for promotion of your program on our network.
    - Must be market-exclusive (AM/FM/Web)

    Essentially, we have a lot of time to fill so most if not all programs will be considered.

    Thanks in advance. We look forward to working with you.
  2. Paul Ripley

    Paul Ripley New Member

    Whats your contact information ? lets chat
  3. B Trammell

    B Trammell New Member

    @Paul Ripley Please send us a PM for our contact email address. In the interest of keeping spammers away, we'd rather not post it publicly.
  4. Hi there, I'm D.I. Aspinwall, and I offer a Top 25 CHR Countdown show called All The Hits with Ian Dennis ("Ian Dennis" being my radio name...). My day job is working as an imaging director and on-air personality for a commercial Hot AC station, and I produce this show as a fun side project.

    Check out my latest show demo here:

    My website is:

    To gain access to promotional assets, scheduling information, promos, and show clocks, you must first register your station/network on my website. To do so, click the Register Now button under the Contact tab.

    If you'd like, you can respond to this message. Or, email me;

    I look forward to hearing from you.
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  5. McElmon Media Group

    McElmon Media Group New Member

  6. Harty

    Harty Member

    Hi. Please check out my pre-recorded soul and jazz show

    If you like what you hear then complete the form and I'll pop you on the distribution list.

    Cheers, Steve
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  7. Harty

    Harty Member

    There is a link to the track list under the audio player... But:

    Here is the track list of a recent show

    Billy Paul - Let `em In
    The Stridells - I Remember Christmas
    Ramsey Lewis - A Hard Day's Night
    Dionne Warwick & The Spinners - Then Came You
    October London - Color Blind-
    Kymaera - Ain't No Sunshine
    Joe Loss & His Orchestra - At Last
    The Art Of Noise - Moments In Love
    Wilson Pickett - In The Midnight Hour
    Quincy Jones - Soul Bossa Nova
    Hazel O'Connor - Will You
    Parov Stelar - Autumn Song
    King Curtis - Memphis Soul Stew
    Driza Bone - Real Love
    Montana Sextet - Heavy Vibes
    Sextet - Heavy Vibes
    Zuzu Bolin - Kidney Stew
    George Benson On Broadway
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  8. Rick Hart

    Rick Hart Member

    Saw your post very interested in being a part of this opportunity being presented at this time, I have a show The radio program is call Friday Nite Heat Radio. Presented By KangoBlackHouse Its a Friday Nite Program which features live interviews with sport figures also National & upcoming music artist with great commentary and also providing the Hottest music in Urban, Music Hip Hop ,Pop ,Classics etc. giving are listeners the best in live Dee Jay Music Mixes would love the opportunity of being a part of the roster etc. of this great Online Radio Journey email: me @

    Thank You

    Rick Hart

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    ANDRE "BUTTA" LYNCH New Member


    My name is Andre "Butta" Lynch and I am the host of The Turn Up Show that is syndicated on several stations world wide and I would like to know if you would like to be apart of this great show. I have attached my air check below for viewing as well as a welcome letter that best describes my show.

    I would love to be apart of the station family and have the ability to promote the station and guarantee a raise in listeners. The show is so unique and has a great following from the listeners.

    Yes, we all know that digital radio is taking over and more listeners are listening online than the local stations due to the same song over and over. But on the Turn Up Show, we provide a great range of good music from signed artist and unsigned artistas well. Interviews from artist all over the world that has a great following and can help promote the station as well.

    So thank you very much for your time and I look forward to being apart of the Family!

    Andre "Butta" Lynch

    Attached Files:

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  10. John Lebang

    John Lebang New Member

    Dear Program Director, I am currently looking to expand the roster of stations carrying my show. I believe my broadcast would be a nice compliment to the roster of talent you already have. The show is two one hour prerecorded variety broadcast that features Talk, comedy, interviews and intellectual reality that is not catered towards the politically correct and sometimes music (non-commercial). Also, my show features 2-4 radio dramas per year. I can provide up to 2 one hour high quality, well produced episodes each week. I will provide links below to samples of my broadcast.

    Please consider adding The John Lebang Show to your roster of quality entertainment.

    I look forward to hearing from you

    John Lebang

    Host & creator of The John Lebang show.


    Video sampler #1

    The John Lebang Show Episode 208

    Program clock is available upon request.
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