Free Icecast/SHOUTcast monitor and metadata server. Testers wanted.


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I recently developed and beta-released this under an open source license:

In a nutshell, it's a multiplatform (Linux, macOS, and Windows) ICY stream monitor and metadata (song info and album image) server.
  • An alerting feature allows email and/or SMS notifications when a stream goes down and (if and when) it's back up.
  • It reads the stream in real time for song changes and supports either client pull (polling) or client push "now playing" updates.
  • Album images are sent to the client in either mode; no more extra client roundtrips to fetch the album image.
  • Highly configurable.
  • Compatible with any ICY stream, whether yours or another's.
  • Small footprint and minimal resource utilization.
  • Scales out (multiple servers) for capacity and availability requirements.
  • Currently monitoring and pushing song info for
I'm looking for beta testers to kick the tires as I build out more features. And since it's open source, if you're a coder you can customize it however you want (or, better yet, contribute). Currently you have to build it yourself, but with the next cut (soon) I'll be providing multiplatform binaries for download.

Feel free to contact me:
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