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If you are Interested to learn Piano and Confused how and from where you can learn Piano?
As In the start of my Music Career I was really confused for these type of basic questions.

If you are facing confusion just like me then I suggest you to Join Music Teaching Institutes or Center, You might will find lots of qualified teachers there.
But In my case the Institute / Centers were quite expensive and that time there were not enough sources available to learn music.
But Its 2018 now everything is moving toward digital so now a days learning music is even not a big deal you can learn Guitar, Piano, and other instruments for free of cost.

There are lots of sources in market available to learn get Piano Lessons or other musical instruments lessons but the one I found most suitable is singing life.

Singing Life is platform where you can find best review for all musical products, you can learn complete basics of Piano for free of costs.
If you are interested to but some musical products then you can use Singing Life as well

For more details you can Visit Singing_Life

I had Great Experience with this platform Hope you are going to enjoy it as well.