Game Servers: SA-MP 0.3


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These game servers, specifically, SA-MP 0.3, have been creeping into our streams over the past ten (10) days. They do not have listeners associated with them, simply browsers. Each browser is pointed to station streams. The IP's continue to jump around the planet; however, Russia and Ukraine rise the top of the list of countries with these servers. Though they are free to use, we find it difficult to fathom this is legitimate. What is the big deal? These servers suck bandwidth, thus, drive up operational costs associated with bandwidth and copyrights in all relevant countries. Any stations experiencing this issue? Banning the "user agent" doesn't help here as that functionality appears to be dormant.


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It sounds like they are streaming your station into an online gaming service? 'SA-MP 0.3' is an online San Andreas multi player mod for the Grand Theft Auto game.

So we would say they are legitimate listeners for the most part, but in such a case we can only really recommend geo-blocking these countries such as Russia and Ukraine.