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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by More Support, Feb 15, 2016.


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  1. Livefromthemia

    Livefromthemia New Member

    Could someone show me the proper way to add the Genres? My station does not show up in the Internet Radio Directory. The only way a listener can locate my station is by entering it in the search bar!

    Lorenzo Thomas
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  2. Support

    Support Level 1 Support Staff Member

    Hi Lorenzo, how do you stream? Live or with the AutoDJ feature?
  3. Livefromthemia

    Livefromthemia New Member

    Thank you for your response! I stream my station (Live from the Mia) live! While entering the genres I place a comma between each one. The Rnb link does not stream to be active.

    Example rnb, Soul, Hip Hop, Top 40, Urban
  4. Support

    Support Level 1 Support Staff Member

    If you are streaming live then you need to set the genres from within your stream encoder software's settings. The genre settings within your servers control panel are for only when you are using the AutoDJ feature instead.
  5. Support

    Support Level 1 Support Staff Member

    In what way? We are interested to hear your feedback.
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  6. Support

    Support Level 1 Support Staff Member

    This thread is in relation to our own websites radio directory So as in the stations and their tagged genres!

    You are on about a thread in our forum which is simply just a list of other external directories that stations can submit their stream url's to which is totally unrelated! That thread is nothing to do with our own website or the services that we offer here, so it is down to the forum community to keep it updated or list newer directories. We just do not have the time to check regularly if the directories listed in that thread are still active!
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