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Not often would you come across these type of posts, but theres always a time and a place.
So I own the online radio station Balearic FM. I myself run this singlehanded is VOLUNTARY!
Im Irish, but gave it an Ibizan brand cos people would take it more seriously, personally i dont think it has.
It is an Electronic station and the genre I play is of a funky disco progressive vibe...no EDM!
It has almost 200 likes on Tune In, I think its still on iTunes, but has been registered to Shoutcast/Radionomy.
I no longer feel I can take the station any further, i did spend some money getting it up to where it has gone, but it does need someone who can give it a more watchful eye and give it a huge marketing boost, that sadly I know Ill never have in me to do.
DJs the station needs, I find they no longer want to be tied down to be a resident on a station, so good luck in scoutin the fuckers.
So I grant permission for someone to take this off my hands for FREE! no strings attached, I do not want to kill something Ive put so much effort into.
You get access to everything, from the Shoutca.st server to the twitter page, email address, link to free music etc plus we have a dj who gives his podcast link once a month.
Looking forward to hearing from you potential future owners.

Culchie Balearic FM



The Wanted Network are currently on the look out to revive struggling online radios and give them a new lease of life by making your radio part of The Wanted Network. We will run all potential changes by you to ensure the legacy of your station still stands. We will aim to build on the audience base you've curated by implementing much needed features to engage your targeted audience.

The Wanted Network runs it's station servers on it's own dedicated server, using Centova Cast 3 and SHOUTcast v2 and using PORT 80 to ensure encrypted broadcasting via SSL.

If you're interested in The Wanted Network taking this off your hands, whilst still keeping you informed, send us a Private Message today!

Kind regards,
James - Ownership
The Wanted Network