Help Desperately Needed - Punk/Metal/Rock/Sports


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Hello everyone,

For the last decade my dad and I have worked to build a solid name and reputation in the Great Lakes Region of North America.

We have gotten access and giveaways for major festivals, concerts and sporting events.

That being said my dad went to hospital in January and since then I have had to take over ALL duties and responsibilities to run the station.

I am in DESPERATE need of help with content on-air, written etc on the sports side but even more so I need help with technical staff, programmers, promotion, secretaries, editors, etc etc.

I can't do this all on my own.

Concert/festival/sports access would be the tradeoff instead of paying.

Looking at the potential for advertisers with the right team around me to help compensate staff.

Emails can be sent to or you can comment here and I'll reach out.

Thanks, Rayzor