Help Needed (sorry if i posted wrong)


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Im coming back in to radio djing i use to do it years back
using sam broadcaster to broadcast i want a software like this again that i can get use to using again
so if theres a link to the full free version please some post it to me :)

another problem....
i need a software i can use to record demos for internet radio stations.

please could someone help me?
as i have a list of stations waiting for me to send my demo to so sooner the better

thank you in advance
and thank you for your time.


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you can use the sam that you have
Depends on what version he has and what OS he is using.
4.9.1 will Crash out with Windows 8 and 10
The old 4.2.2 will work 70% of the time but I would personally recommend a full upgrade.
If music is your passion and you wish for Professional Software then only 2 options IMHO
Sam BC or RadioBOSS
RadioBOSS is a bit lighter on the pocket.
Your choice but end of the day You Pay for what you Get
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