Help with playing Vinyl thru usb mixer....


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hey all, A very happy new year to everyone :)
Im in need of some help with playing my vinyls thru a numark usb dj mixer that feeds into my laptop via usb and then into proppfrexx dj software,i can get a feed no problem,but whats happening is the usb from the mixer is only giving me one channel, its still playing like its in stereo but i can tell its only one channel cause theres music parts missing that you can faintly hear in the speaker it should be coming out of, so somewhere in the usb its losing its true stereo, I have swapped out the usb cable and tested my speakers and amp etc,and when you listen to the vinyl feed thru the headphones jack on the usb mixer its fine,both channels playing,so the issue must be in the usb feed or the laptop settings for receiving the usb.

Any help is greatly appreciated.