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Note: Not sure if this is a double thread, I posted and I do not see it listed in the forum?

Alright I own a fileshare companie named sharedragon, and we get allot of music artists uploading songs, so we decided we would expand and add a radio station for customers to listen to. I am looking to have dj`s and also have an idea in mind to start a talkshow aswell, I am wondering what shoutcast can connect to, I know a long time ago I used to dj online, and used sam broadcaster, but let`s say I wanted to connect 3-4 people on with mics what would I use or how, is it possible? Also I listen to Wadio - Broadcasting around the world and I see there now playing bar that has the song, make a request, call studio, how do I code something like that into my site? Final question I believe, is I need autodj and only need 500mb which is the lowest you guys have I believe and Since we are a newer site I don't think we would need 10 listeners or even less, until the name gets out. What would be the price.


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Because we allow guest posting in the pre-sales area we moderate all posts just in case.

To have 3-4 people talking at the same time would be pretty straight forward if you were all in the same room but we presume you mean remotely ? Skype would be one way to achieve this and we understand SAM broadcaster can allow you to broadcast a Skype conversation according to some of our clients.

We do provide some code snippets you can paste into your site which shows what song is playing. You might also like to install a chatroom on your website for people to make requests / chat. There are plenty of free chat room app's out there.

The price would depend on what bitrate you streamed at and wether you were on our pay as you go system or monthly unlimited bandwidth ?

More info on our prices here :

Internet Radio Prices

512 MB of Auto DJ is £5 per month :

Auto DJ Radio Server