Hiring voice actors

Bill Theobald

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Hello there. Does anyone have experience hiring voice overs / actors? Wondering what sort of questions to ask, having found this chap here. Purpose is for trailers, promos etc on radio. Many thanks.

Bill Theobald

New Member
Yes, I wasn't looking to go that far downmarket, my question was not really about where to find them, but what questions to ask of them once you find someone you like the sound of? In the same way that when you hire a builder you might ask things like whether they require a deposit upfront for materials, stuff like that.


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When we are contacted we ask the questions.
How long 15 or 30 seconds etc. Background music or sound effects.
Send a text of what you want said in the promo. What format do you want it recorded in etc.
If you like the voice, main question you should ask is price lol.
Always pay by Paypal if they ask for up front Fees then it can be disputed easily. Most wont send you anything until payed for.