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Phoenix Mike

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My question is as follows;

As a hospital radio broadcasting service anxious to take our programmes onto the internet in order to attract messages and requests from around the world, we have set up a domain but at present we do not have a host.

Can anyone help with advice on what type of hosting service would be appropriate for our radio station bearing in mind that we are registered charity and costings are important.

Presently we operate from 2 state of the art studios and cover 35 % of live programmes using numerous volunteer broadcasters.

Thank You


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Hi Mike

We dont offer web hosting here but we do provide each radio server with a start page. Heres some examples (hopefully one of them is live so you can see what it looks like when your connected) :

You could redirect your domain name to that page which has a song request feature, flash player and google map of listeners (at city level).

You are probably best starting your station with a 'Pay as you go' radio server which allows you to choose whatever bitrate / listener capacity you would like to start your station with. If you would like a monthly fee with unlimited bandwidth we can change your account to this at any time.

We have guides in the forum for getting started once you have signed up. If you have any more specific questions please let us know.