How do a change the " Genre" and other info, on my page?


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I've final got my internet - radio start page up and running ( didn't use to work). now I'm listed amongst the big boys.:D, but hold on a FUNK station listed as POP
How do a change the " Genre" and other info, on my "directory" Internet-radio page?, I've searched for an answer, but they are old threads.
I've log into my server (Icecast) but cant edit anything in there. can you help!.


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Hi TGrooves,

We are pleased to hear that you have this all up and running now.

Unfortunately there is a bit of a bug with the genres in the latest version of Centovacast at the moment, this will be fixed in the next update though. So for now, please let me know what you would like the genres (up to 5) to be set as and I'll manually add them for you in the meantime.
Hi I just searched for on the directory and the station genres is still set to "pop" but it says "soul" in the server description.
Can you amended please.


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I've re-added them for you. Please be aware that at the moment due to this odd bug, if you update your accounts settings and then restart the server it will default the genre settings back to "pop".
Hi thanks for the reply, but it still says " Pop" and I haven't restarted the server.
Does that mean everytime the server is restarted it will change to "pop"?