How do you decide what stations you list?


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I like your site but despite of this I would like you to list also Finnish radio stations, because I feel it frustrating to have many sites to find my music. Is there any legal reason or why not?


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Hi Sterna,

No, there are no legal reasons behind this at all. There are likely many Finnish stations listed here in our directories. But unless a station's stream information specifically states that it's broadcasted from a particular country then it could be being broadcasted from anywhere in the world. Most stations do not tend to provide that information. Sometimes however a station will have the country or city in the stream information. For example:

I did a quick search of Finland and it found one Finnish station:

Searching by Helsinki provided this result:


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Thank you for the answer. So it seems that I can find two finnish stations that I never have heard of. I have tried to find stations by the name but no success. It seems that I have to be satisfied to this. The fundamental reason for asking this is that I have MediaMonkey multimedia program and inside it is your site. It would be nice to concentrate all my music needs to one program. I have tried to add some finnish pages having local radio stations into MediaMonkey but for some reason they don't work. OIf course this is not your fault but I'm sure that you understand my needs.