I keep trying to get DJs and no bites so WHY

Hey Kevin, I'd be interested if you're still looking. I currently host a weekly show on a community station in Kitchener, Ontario but would love to gain more experience.

- Val
We have had 3 presenters from this forum, and 5 for a previous station i worked on.
Most replies are either as a private message (conversation on here) or via the requested format, works for us.

Hoping for many more, (we have lots of slots hence the repeat requests. )

We used Facebook ads for presenters had 9 responses, requested an email address for a response only 1 replied with an email address out of all of them. this forum is far superior and has more dedicated presenters.
If you’re looking , keep the faith and respond to the poster requests. More likely to be more successful.


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Anyone noticed the lack of DJs actually looking for slots. Al I see is stations looking for DJs and not getting any. Seems they all the wannabees want to start at the top thinking Online radio will give them fame. It ain't. Want to be an FM announcer start right at the bottom and in 10 years time you may just make it, and the money is shit for most of those ten years. Now if you just want to do it for fun and not fame then answer one of the ads, including mine. Oh you will not be discovered by some AM/FM station because They want college graduates Who have completed broadcasting school. I offer some fun, a good group of people and am will to put my 50 years experience into helping you.
I have a online radio station having problems but that is another story. I have some interest in your need for a DJ. Message me 317-614-5249