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Apologies to the original poster (GracefulRadio), it appears as though your thread was deleted in error. Below is our reply. :)

GracefulRadio said:
Hey there folks, I'm starting up a new station and need your amazing words of wisdom as to what to do!

The plan is to run two music-only stations, using either shoutcast or icecast, one free to listen and the other a subscriber based premium service. The stations will be run on AutoDJ the whole time, with very little (if any) intervention by me. The idea is to charge for a premium service and eventually put a music site as well, where people can purchase the music they hear.

As I understand it, you run SC or IC on my own personal server, stream it to server, which then distributes it to the listeners. Is this right? Sorry, dumb question I know. Is it possible to NOT have any software running from my own premises, but to have it all in the cloud? I don't want to chew up my personal datacap with the station.

Basically, my question is, which one will do the job? Shoutcast or Icecast? I really need a solution which has the following:

1. The ability to run two stations simultaneously. Two accounts is fine if that's the only way it will work
2. The option of password protecting a station so I can have users sign up and login to access the premium stream.
3. AutoDJ

Also, can you recommended a good flash-based, website embeddable player which will show the last few songs played as clickable links to the song on the music store? Something like this would be ideal: Whisperings Player (Whisperings Player)

Thanks so much for your help. Hope this is a good service that I can use.


Hi Chris,

We run the Shoutcast/Icecast servers our end so there is no need for you to run any additional server your end. Our servers control panels are also web based so there is no need to install any additional software for this.

We are afraid that we would not support a 'subscriber based premium service'. So how you would run this is upto you. You would need to research this and find your own way to implement such as a service. To run two stations simultaneously you will also need two seperate accounts for this.

The following FAQ explains the pro's and con's of both Shoutcast and Icecast servers, have a read through and see what you think is best for you:

Yes, we offer an AutoDJ feature that can run automatically 24/7, some more information on this can be found here: Auto DJ

In regards to the flash player question, we would recommend to you the FFMP3 flash player, this can be found here: FFMp3 :: - The Flash MP3/OGG Live Stream Player! - haXed However, this will only display the stream title. It may be worth you contacting Whisperings: Solo Piano Radio to enquire about which player it is that they are using on the site.

Hope this helps. Please let us know if you have any further questions. Thank you. 8)