If you need a DJ

Hi there

As a newbie here I am going about creating my own station but in the meantime if you are looking for a male DJ with a sexy Northern Irish accent, to play most kinds of music (except real heavy metal or punk or too much happy hardcore) am most suited to 60's 70's 80's 90's and a lot of music from the naughties of course.

I can also play a lot of country music Irish or American please let me know I would love the opportunity to show you what I can do.


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Please please join our station. .. thought I’d resurrect a real dead thread sept 2009!!! Beat that.

Why do so many newbies reply to old threads in the hope that someone will reply? Ffs they are dead threads. Had enough of this forum admin need to lock some posts ...

If you actually a presenter who does LIVE 2 hours a week is all we ask. Age 18 plus for legal reasons and go fil in our application for at www.hive365.co.uk/apply fill out the form PROPERLY to get a reply. If you’re a previous applicant and didn’t make it DONT WASTE OUR TIME AND YOURS we said NO for a reason!!!!
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Hi harry my name is Bradley Watmuff and we are looking for djs to join our station called iconic Radio we play a variety of music from the charts to the oldies if you are interested check out our website https://v2.iconicradio.uk/ and we hope to hear from you soon


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Jimjim, it’s about people reading the posts and not blindly spamming for presenters on dead posts.
Just messes it up for all of us trying to find presenters