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ima-vip is looking for 4 new DJ's to become a part of our new radio station opening 27th Feb! For our recruitment drive we have broken down what we think you need to know about us and what we need into 4 sections below. If you would like to become a member of our great team please email Tom at

Who are we? is non-profit company and any profit we do make goes right back into prizes to give away on shows like the iTunes cards we will be giving away on open day. We are a UK radio station but have a lot of interest from the US and many EU Countries. Our main aim is to provide various music to music lovers and to have as many shows on air as possible. Our radio covers internet and mobile uses with our radio interface for iPhones and iTouch (soon to be compatible with BlackBerry's ) We OWN our own servers which power the website and one for the radio which isn't cheap but we like to provide our listeners with the best, The servers can hold about 1600+ listeners at any one time with no problem (so our network team say).

Our main songs on our auto-dj which is on when no dj is available is Top 40 Hits and songs which got asked to put on via a survey on facebook. ( IM 'A' VIP | Facebook ) Our main site is currently not live due to us still working on it but it will be going live at 10am GMT London on the 27th Feb

Who we need?
We need dedicated DJ's who will always provide a great show and has a good choice of music, being able to take song requests and having a huge song collection and the chance of you having the song is high then that's is great. We need adult DJ's so sorry kids no applying (17+)

When we need you?

We need you to perform as many shows in a week as you can, we understand that people have lives and family so we are happy for DJs to do 1 long show or 2 short ones a week.

How to apply or get more info?
To apply for a position please email with previous experience and type of music you play, we also need to know what microphone you use and what DJ software you use to host (e.g. SAM Broadcaster). You can also use Tom to provide you with information you need once again his email is

We look forward to hearing from you guys who want to help us out.
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