Can you guys add a
Paid Career Employment section under advertising? I think you guys should add something like Paid Employment

work from home as an internet radio dj and get paid.
I am looking to do something like this as a real career working from home.


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The chance of getting paid here is Slim to Zero.
You have to remember that most stations here are always out of pocket because of server rentals / licence etc so will always be out of pocket because a lot of listeners can't afford to donate to the station they like to listen to.
We do it for the enjoyment and hope to pass that enjoyment to the Audience.
As a Co-Owner of a station, If I can't pay myself then what is the chance of paying a Presenter of my station?
Most work on a Volunteer Basis so we do it because we enjoy what we do and have fun doing it.
I would suggest looking at your local radio station and see if they can pay you.

Good luck with your search.


I already know this!!!!! I have been doing this for 10 years!! If I could afford to pay, I sure as heck would, With doing a regular job you hardly have time to do this on-top of other things in real life


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Hi djjamminm86,

I'm afraid that Demo has basically hit the nail on the head. Almost all internet stations are run by hobbyists purely for the love of it and fun. Realistically you're not going to find a full time job in radio unless you find work for a well established terrestrial radio station and even then you would likely have to work you're way up from a volunteer / very low paid position.

Don't give up on your dream by all means but this is probably not the best place to be looking for paid radio work!